Connect with Your Higher Self

Lotus Petals Therapy provides its customers with access to energy healing, related training and the products to sustain those services.  Our mission is to provide you with the transformative experience of energy healing, empower you with self-healing techniques and provide you with the tools to develop life and wellness sustaining habits. 

There is nothing like a steamy shower to open pores, awaken the senses and clear your sinuses.  A warm bath to soothe the skin, relax the mind and combat insomnia to allow you to sleep more soundly.  Made of natural ingredients, many containing essential oils and scents for aromatherapy, our shower gels and bath products will leave you not wanting to leave the tub.  

Meditation has many benefits to include staying present and mindful, reducing negative emotions and releasing stress.  We provide several products and implements to support your practice and to improve your focus while meditating. Japa Mala or Prayer Beads are typically made from 108 beads and one larger or differently shaped additional bead called a Sumeru or Guru Bead. Begin mediating the prayer round with the Sumeru and end when it is reached again. Crystals contain metaphysical properties that can enhance your experience.  Watch our videos and blogs on how to choose, charge and cleanse your crystal. 

Incense releases fragrant smoke when the biotic material is burned for both aromatherapy and as part of meditation or spiritual ceremony. Choose from a range of incense and burners to facilitate your practice. Smoke Cleansing is a method that involves burning plant material to purify and cleanse a physical space. Choose from a wide range of plants to include sage and palo santo.