About Our Products

Lotus Petals Products and Inventory. We spend significant time researching and locating the items we offer with priority given to small independent niche vendors. These products are often shipped directly by the vendor to keep costs low and our shipping free. Please check out product demonstrations, product reviews or product description for more details on our selections and collections.  Any and all sales promotions, discounts and gift cards can be applied to Lotus Petals Products and Inventory only. 
Amazon Affiliation.  We are also Amazon Affiliates which allows us to provide you direct access to products and vendors we have researched by placing a link in our product listing and a few of our blogs. These products are indicated by the "view on Amazon" button and we earn advertising fees for providing this service. Shipping is provided by Amazon. 

Other Vendor Affiliations.  We are energy healers and while it is difficult to guarantee absolute purity, we believe the products we use should at least be harmonious with nature.  So we place priority on reasonably priced organic and natural products and occasionally partner, through affiliation with vendors whose philosophy fits our values. Right now that vendor is Soil and doTERRA we will add others when our research is complete. Shipping is provided by our affiliates  

General Gift Card Terms.  Lotus Petals Gift Cards whether electronic or physical are not reloadable or redeemable for cash after purchase.  But there are no activation fees or added service fees, or fees that reduce the value of the card over time.  And we will not use gift cards to compensate you for unshipped merchandise instead of providing you with refunds, as needed.  


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